Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shopping at the 2009 Specialty – Part 7 – Nordkyn Outfitters (with pictures)

If you are looking for a harness or equipment for drafting or other activities with your Berner, you will definitely want to check out this vendor.

Nordkyn Outfitters
Jane Riffle
P. O. Box 1023
Graham, WA 98338
Phone: (253) 847-4128
Fax: (253) 847-4108
Web site:

This booth was full of great items for your working Berners!!! Here are some of the items and their prices. Be sure to check out their web site.

Siwash Carting Harnesses - $60
Dog Packs - $41 to $80 (depending on model)
Skijoring Belts - $25 to $30
Skijoring Lines - $21.95
Dog Carts – 33x22 - $380; 18x22 - $365 (includes shafts)
Wagons – 24x40 - $290; 24x48 - $300 (does *not* include shafts)
Wagon shafts – single dog - $100; double dog - $165
Scooters - $450 to $620
Sledding Harness – $15 to $18
Tracking Harness - $35
Skijoring Harness - $22
Freight/Weight Pull Harnesses - $38 to $53
Books: Shijoring - $14.95; Draft Work - $26.95; Backpacking - $12.95
DVD – Draft/Carting - $35
Collars - $5.50
Leads - $8 to $15
Hiking Belts - $25

Jane donated a collar and 6 foot lead to the upcoming Berner-Garde fundraiser.

Joye Neff and Nicky "BG #38330" (and Will)
Berner Fundraiser
Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, PA

Nordkyn has all the items you need to get your dog working. Including many informative books to help you get started in drafting, skijoring, back packing. They also have an introduction to carting video.

Once you have decided what you want to do with your dog, Nordkyn has all the equipment you'll need. They have carts, sleds, and even some dog powered scooters.

They have harnesses in a variety of sizes, styles and in a rainbow of colors.

Nordkyn also stocks a variety of packs so your dog can hike in style.

Lynn Alvarez
Prospect Heights, Illinois
with Tobie, Monty, Lottie and McGee forever in our hearts

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