Monday, June 1, 2009

Shopping at the 2009 Specialty – Part 14 – Woof and Hoof Massage, Inc.

As you walked past this vendor's booth, you could almost hear the Berners sighing as they relaxed as they got a massage.

Woof and Hoof Massage, Inc.
Debbie Towndrow
8157 W 99th Avenue
Broomfield, CO 80021
Phone: (303) 466-2624

Debbie’s mission as stated on her website is: “Through therapeutic massage and education, enhance the quality of life for both humans and animals. My goal is for the client to see the improvements and experience the benefits of therapeutic massage.”

Therapeutic massage has physical, mental and emotional benefits for dogs and people. I always love to see the dogs who are relaxing on Debbie’s table as she massages them – they look so relaxed and are truly enjoying their experience. Sometimes when I go, Debbie will be massaging a Berner Lover and they have that same relaxed and happy look on their faces. Next time you are at the Specialty and see Debbie, see if she can fit both you and your Berner into her busy schedule. Check out her website – you will be impressed with her training and experience. Oh, and by the way, I do believe that dogs do feel the same way that people do about getting a wonderful massage.

Debbie donated a gift certificate for 1/2 hour massage at next year's specialty for our upcoming Berner-Garde Fundraiser.


Joye Neff and Nicky "BG #38330"
(and Will)
Berner Fundraiser
Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, PA
Writing this from Joplin, MO on the way home to Pittsburgh from a fantastic vacation in Colorado!!

P. S. If you know anyone who needs to buy or sell a home anywhere in the USA please be sure to give me their name and phone number. I can help them find a professional, experienced agent and make sure they get great service.

Lynn Alvarez
Prospect Heights, Illinois
with Tobie, Monty, Lottie and McGee forever in our hearts

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