Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shopping at the 2009 Specialty - Part 15

Shopping at the 2009 Specialty - Part 15
Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I just love to see all of the wonderful Swiss items that Mary Dawn Debriae has at her booth - the Swiss outfits for both women and men are absolutely stunning!!

Alpen Schatz Botique
Mary Dawn Bebriae
307 East Colorado Avenue
P. O. Box 823
Teluride, CO 81435
Phone: 1(970) 728-4433
Fax: 1(303) 484-3612
E-Mail: marydawn@alpenschatz.com
Web Site: www.alpenschatz.com

Mary Dawn is an importer of unique, quality items from the Swiss, Austrian, German and Italian Alps. You feel like you have been transported to Eurpoe when you come to her booth. Some of the beautiful items she features, are: the Original Swiss Dog Collars, Decorative Harnesses, Cowbells, Brandy Rescue Kegs, Belts and Leashes. Also, importe are handsome Lederhosen and beautiful Dirndl dresses, Alpine Hats, Edelweiss Scarves and Alpine Pewter Jewelry. Yodeling/dancing Swiss Marmots are also popular items imported by Alpen Schatz. Alpen Schatz travels to Europe at least twice a year and is always on the lookout for unique Alpine gear for Berners and their people. Visit their web-site for a closer look at what they do! Yodel-eh-hi-huuuu! P rices range from $10 for a Swiss key chain or Edelweiss zipper pull, to $400+ for a classic, decorative Swiss Carting Harness. You are going to just love this vendor and the Swiss items she has. Be sure to visit her website at: www.alpenschatz.com

Joye Neff and Nicky "BG #38330"
(and Will)
Berner Fundraiser
Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, PA

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