Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shopping at the 2009 Specialty – Part 18 – JustBijou

It's always such fun to see the wide range of items that each vendor has at their booths!! Carol had some lovely Berner items that you'll want to see on her website!

Carol Wolfram
10114 NE 4th Street
Vancouver, WA 98664
Phone: 1(360) 944-0471
Web Site:

All of Carol's items are hand made original pieces. Her fused glass plates and platters feature Bernese Mountain Dogs and are very lovely. They range in price from $60 to $140. The dichroic glass pendants and pins with Bernese Mountain Dog images in dichro are beautiful. They are priced at $35 and come with black satin necklaces and jewelry pouches. Her danglers are handsculpted Berners which hang from beaded wires and are great for hanging on the rear view mirrors of cars, ceiling fans, Christmas trees, mirrors, etc. Each dangler is different and they are either trotting or jumping through agility tires and are priced at $25. The danglers are hand sculpted and can be made in any breed and any color. All dogs can be made in any style or doing most activities such as Agility, Obedience (Open or Utility,) Trotting, Christmas, Herding with Eye , Running/Leaping, Hanging by the front paws, Tracking, Best in Show, Lure Coursing, Water Sports.

Carol has donated danglers and a pendant to the Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

Joye Neff and Nicky "BG #38330"
(and Will)
Berner Fundraiser
Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, PA

P. S. If you know anyone who needs to buy or sell a home anywhere in
the USA please be sure to give me their name and phone number. I can
help them find a professional, experienced agent and make sure they get great service.

Carol has many different styles of danglers. Here are three different examples, a Berner jumping through a Christmas wreath, another jumping through a tire jump, and a gaiting Berner.

Carol's fused dichroic pendants are something to see. The shimmer and colors are amazing. As you can see, she has many unique styles to choose from: paw prints, hearts, abstract colors, and Berner silouhettes.

Carol also makes larger glass pieces. While difficult to capture in pictures, the "real life" shimmer to the pieces is stunning.

Here are two more, detailed pictures Carol sent us to add to the blog featuring the Berner pendants and the danglers.

Lynn Alvarez
Prospect Heights, Illinois
with Tobie, Monty, Lottie and McGee forever in our hearts

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